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TOURIST Charm · Blooming

As long as a pair of eyes, you can capture the rhythm of color;
You can win all your eyes with just one inspiration.
Without the halo of a champion, as long as the kick-off is free;
Never had an album, but had a concert tour around the world.
The TOURIST, let the youth dance freely, let the fun & freedom pure, let heaven and earth only enjoy,
A thousand personalities, ten thousand fashions, blooming
TOURIST RV charm · blooming


As a subsidiary of SAICMotorCorp, Nanjing NAC Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. is a Finished Automobile company specializing in the research, development, production, sales and service of various special-purposed modified vehicles, with a registered capital of CNY 35,564,700, a total area of 80,000 square meters, an annual conversion capacity of 10,000 vehicles and an annual output value of nearly CNY 500 million. After two decades of development, we now have become a special vehicle company; our company ranks the top position of this industry of China in modified quantity of light car and industrial coverage. In 2011, our company's own brand "Changda" was awarded the title of "Famous brand product of Jiangsu Province". At the same time, our company was named "Nanjing Contract-abiding and Commitment-keeping Unit" and "Quality-Credit-A-rating Enterprise of Jiangsu Province".

SAIC TOURIST RV is the RV division of Nanjing NAC Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. As a market-innovation-oriented auto manufacture company, TOURIST RV has successfully developed and produced Chase Type C Type B RV, IVECO Type C, Type B RV, Chase MPV and Welcab; due to the outstanding industrial perspectiveness in functions, shapes and color layout, these products are highly appraised and welcomed by RV fans. Because the great contributions of our company to Chinese RV business, we have obtained a number of honors: Annual RV Award and Innovation Award in 2015, Top-Ten RV brand 2016, Best Luxury RV Award 2016, Most Favorite RV Brand 2016, Innovation Award 2016, China Top-Ten RV Brand 2017, Vice President Unit of Shanxi RV Association, Vice President Unit of Beijing Self-driving Travel Association, Vice President Unit of Jiangsu Province Self-driving Travel Association and Vice President Unit of Zhejiang Province RV Association.

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